What are the benefits when multiple people in a community or neighborhood go solar?

In todays day and age, more and more people are going solar. Solar has become a trend in home improvement, so many homeowners are seeing the benefits. As solar power grows, word of mouth spreads. You trust your neighbors opinion enough to take their advice when they say they’re saving money with solar, and are excited about it, which makes you excited too.


You’ll also find those types of neighbors that live constantly with the current trends, or install solar to be the first in the neighborhood to do so. Green-minded households don’t want to be one-upped by their neighbors installing panels. So they go buy their own. If you see that your neighbor is putting up panels, suddenly the possibility becomes more concrete. In any case despite who want chooses to go solar first, everyone reaps the benefits of solar.


Research studies shows that, residents are much more likely to install a solar system in their homes when they see other homes with the install. As a good neighbor, you can spread the positive news about solar and some of its benefits below:

• Invite your neighbors over and show them how your system works

• Inform them of all the benefits and comps that come with a solar install

• Show them your bill and how much you are saving

• Direct them to learn more information (such as from the Department Of Energy, aka. DOE) to learn more about the advancements of solar around the country

• Refer them to a Skyway representative to learn more and the bonuses that can be given with every referral made

• Teach them that solar is just a gateway to change their lifestyle and a way to pave a brighter future for their family while reducing the carbon footprint


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