This sustainable floating city can house 7,000 people and produce zero waste

This sustainable floating city can house 7,000 people and produce zero waste. Based off the shape of the Mantra Ray, it is designed to be completely sustainable, running off renewable marine energy and producing zero waste. Dreamed up by French architect Jacques Rougerie, this is the City of Mériens – a giant floating city designed to […]

What is Net Metering?

Many new solar system owners may come across a term called Net Metering, and wonder if it’s available in their neighborhood or business. Net metering allows residential and commercial customers who generate their own electricity from solar power to feed electricity they do not use back into the grid. The meter spins forward when a customer […]

3 Ways Solar Energy Programs Are Helping Achieve President Obama’s Climate Goals

Since President Obama took office in 2009, U.S. solar energy capacity has grown more than twenty-fold. And solar stands to grow even more — with renewable energy capacity in the U.S. slated to reach as much as 28 percent by 2030. The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan, announced earlier this year, is an […]

How many solar panels do I need to offset my bill?

Electrical bills tend to change throughout the year between seasons and various types of weather. Different places across the world have variances in the number of sun hours they receive per day, which has an influence in the number of kWh you can generate per year in your location. How many solar panels do you […]

Store the Suns Energy with Battery Backup Systems

What if you could readily capture energy of the sun, and use it at a later time?  The truth is you can, by equipping your rooftop solar (PV) system with battery backup. With the rising cost of energy, homeowners are searching out new ways to reduce their dependency on the electrical grid.  Grid-tied battery backup […]

How does the Federal Tax Credit work for Solar, and how long will it be available?

If your’e a homeowner inquiring about incentives, the federal tax credit helps offset the total installation costs of your solar system. Here is some information about Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), and talking points to help with finalizing your decision to go solar. Homeowners may claim a credit of 30% of qualified expenditures for a system […]

Google’s making it easy for you to get solar panels onto your roof

Adding solar panels to your roof can be frustrating, since it’s often difficult to know if your home receives enough light to justify the investment. Google Maps, however, has satellite, navigation and sunlight data for every property in the world, so it’s ideally placed to tell you how many rays hit your home on a […]

What types of roof can you install Solar on? (Comp, tile, metal, flat) 

Roofs come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. If your roof is made of metal, spanish tiles, or asphalt, solar panels can be installed on virtually any roof. Installing on composite shingle is very quick where as installing on spanish tile requires different mounting systems and may take longer. Composite Asphalt shingle (sometimes referred to as […]

Leasing or Buying Solar?

Solar prices have dropped while local utility costs have continued to rise. This has motivated many homeowners to seriously consider buying or leasing solar. The U.S. Department of Energy projects that 900,000 homes will feature solar installations by 2020. With the right solar photovoltaic system, it can reduce your electricity bills by 50 percent or more. […]