Google’s making it easy for you to get solar panels onto your roof

Adding solar panels to your roof can be frustrating, since it’s often difficult to know if your home receives enough light to justify the investment. Google Maps, however, has satellite, navigation and sunlight data for every property in the world, so it’s ideally placed to tell you how many rays hit your home on a […]

What types of roof can you install Solar on? (Comp, tile, metal, flat) 

Roofs come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. If your roof is made of metal, spanish tiles, or asphalt, solar panels can be installed on virtually any roof. Installing on composite shingle is very quick where as installing on spanish tile requires different mounting systems and may take longer. Composite Asphalt shingle (sometimes referred to as […]

Leasing or Buying Solar?

Solar prices have dropped while local utility costs have continued to rise. This has motivated many homeowners to seriously consider buying or leasing solar. The U.S. Department of Energy projects that 900,000 homes will feature solar installations by 2020. With the right solar photovoltaic system, it can reduce your electricity bills by 50 percent or more. […]

What is a Solar PPA?

There are many financial decisions that need to be addressed when considering solar for your home. Traditional options are cash up front, but for some, that may not be a viable option. With the rising demand from families to live a more eco friendly lifestyle, third-party finance companies are playing an essential role in providing […]

What’s the difference between a single inverter and a micro inverter?

A solar inverter is a crucial component in a solar power system. As a homeowner, it is very important to know the different components of the solar system in your home. For instance, what is the difference between a single inverter and micro inverter? Before we can tell you the difference between a single inverter vs a […]

What is the process of installing a Solar System

As a homeowner, it is very important to understand the process it takes to install a solar system in your home. Finding the right contractor and preparing your home are just some of the steps to take before installation. Skyway Electric and Solar contractors are fully licensed, bonded, with certified electricians that are qualified to install solar […]

What are the different Types of Solar Panels?

As a homeowner, you’re always considering ways to improve the value of your home. Solar Power is an excellent way to reduce the carbon footprint and use renewable energy for your electricity needs. When you start thinking about investing into solar panels, some might be unsure of which type to choose. There are number of different types of […]

The pros, cons, and costs of installing a solar photovoltaic system

The pros, cons, and costs of installing a solar photovoltaic system As the cost of solar technology drops, more and more homeowners are considering buying or leasing rooftop solar panels. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy projects that 900,000 homes will feature solar installations by the year 2020. Properly sized, a solar photovoltaic system […]

Make Your Next Road Trip Fuel Efficient

Enjoy the open road while keeping your fuel costs low! It is officially summer. Both temperatures and gas prices have been creeping up in recent weeks, intense evening storms have been passing through, and social media is aflutter with selfies of friends embarking on long road trips—usually including at least one stop at a national […]

A Home Cooling Strategy for Lower Energy Bills

Hot weather has arrived, and you’ve likely used your air conditioner at least a few times already (if not more). But have you spent the time to ensure that it’s running as it should? And have you considered an overall cooling strategy that could help you run your air conditioner less, save money, and stay […]