Solar and the impact it has on the community long term

Going solar is not only a way to save money on your electricity bill, but it’s also a way to positively impact your community and environment in the long term. Installing a new solar system in your home helps to provide substantial benefits for our climate, health and economy. 

With the installation of your new solar system, there is little to no global warming emissions being generated. One-third of the emissions produced, come from coal-fired power plants & natural gas-fired power plants, which account for global warming in the US, and with the increasing demand for solar, it would replace carbon extreme energy sources and reduce global warming emissions.


So how does it improve our health? Coal-fired and natural gas-fired plants have been proven to cause breathing problems, cancer, heart attacks and neurological damage. When we use renewable energy, all those issues can be reduced; increase mortality and lessen the amount of sick days from workers, and reduce health care costs. 

With solar power, we have an unlimited amount of energy that can be harnessed by the sun. Solar power is a reliable source of energy. We know when the sun rises and when sets. Today, renewable energy (solar, wind and water) accounts for a tiny percentage of electricity produce, but it’s growing quickly. People are educating themselves on the positive impact, when choosing to go green, and the amount of money they will be saving in the long run. 


Another great benefit to renewable energy is the declining costs to consumers. The high demand for solar has lowered installation prices for homeowners, and making it more affordable for all families in different income brackets. Operating and maintenance costs are low, so there isn’t much to spend to keep your systems running. With this rising demand, the solar industry helps to improve the economy by creating jobs in green technology.

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