Minimal and Sustainable Living

Minimal and Sustainable Living

A new trend in sustainable living, is living in a minimalistic way. News and social media posts about repurposing shipping containers, and building tiny homes, are great ways to save money and live off the grid. Although most of us in society cannot live and change our lifestyle to that extreme, here are a few tips we can apply in our daily lives to help us save, conserve and live a more simple, sustainable lifestyle while leaving a small carbon footprint in this world.


A few things to think about:

Priorities and Excess

For starters, lets think about immediate needs for you and your family, and not wants. Living in a materialistic society, we want the newest and biggest trends in technology and fashion, but is it a necessity?  

If we teach ourselves to live within our means and pass on to our kids to value what we have, and not things of excess, you can reduce the waste of possessions that pile up in the home. 

Getting rid of excess possessions clears the home, and your subconscious. Donate extra clothes, blankets, shoes and other items that are stored in home that aren’t being used. Start small, with the kitchen, and see how it feels to have less clutter. You can expand to all other areas of the home when you can figure out what you need.


Alternative Solutions

One of the best ways to help the environment, is to use alternative means of transportation. Leave the car at home, walk, bike or even carpool. The less cars on the road, the more the environment benefits. That’s less of a carbon footprint you’ll be imprinting, and if your walking, your living a much more healthier lifestyle. 

Keeping your home green and clean can be an easy switch. There are many companies using biodegradable ingredients in most cleaning products, but nothing can be more natural that using simple household ingredients you can find in your kitchen.


Off the Grid, But Not in the Dark

Adopt energy saving techniques in the home. Take advantage of mother natures natural resources, like the sun, and harness it’s natural light. Consider installing a solar system in your home, it will take you off the grid and help you save money in the long run, while reducing the carbon footprint. 

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