Let the Sun provide energy for your home – Go Green

People are increasingly becoming interested in solar powers and there are many obvious reasons for it. For some it can be a means to save money while for many it is the way and the responsibility to protect environment. Solar power system captures free sunlight and converts it into usable power for your home. The energy is sued to heat or cool your home while it literally has no adverse impact on the global climate. Power plants run by fossil fuel produce carbon dioxide emissions which pose serious threats to the environment. On the other hand there is limited supply of nonrenewable energy sources left in the planet and so they are becoming increasingly scarce. But there is no limit to the sun’s energy. As long as there is sun, electricity can be generated through solar panels. Sun has been around for billions of years and it is estimated to be around for billion more years to come. Since it is a renewal source of energy, it brings in substantial benefits to our health, climate and our economy. Solar power is the future trend of energy. Many people have willingly embraced the solar power by converting their home to run solely by solar power and are reaping rich benefits offered by the sun.

Not only just Governments, but NGO and corporate have agreed that climate change presents a real and present danger. Lately there has been a worldwide outcry to protect environment by emphasizing importance of using and promoting renewable source of energy. For corporate the terms “profitability” is incomplete without “sustainability”. Corporate are making efforts to ensure they comply with environmental standards and to safeguard natural resources.

Government, NGOs and corporate are doing their part in their own unique ways to promote and encourage use of solar power. But is the responsibility lies on them alone. We all are equally responsible and have to give our bit of contribution in saving the planet Earth. We can set example in our local community by becoming an early adaptor of solar energy to power our own household. By doing so, you will set an example and encourage others in the local community to follow you.

Human activities are overloading our environment with carbon dioxide and other global warming emission more than it can handle. This is resulting in heat getting trapped and ultimately driving up the planets temperature. Electricity production accounts for more than one-third of global warming emissions. Majority of electricity is generated by burning fossil fuel in coal-fired power plants. However solar panels produce no global warming emissions. Increased use of renewable source of energy will replace carbon-intensive energy sources and there by contribute in significantly reducing global warming emissions. Generating power through renewable source of energy like solar power system brings in substantial health benefits. Today world is facing many health problems like heart attack, cancer, neurological damage and breathing problems, all of which is directly linked to air and water pollution emitted by coal and natural gas plants. There are enough studies to support that renewable energy has helped in reducing premature mortality and lost workdays. It has also contributed to overall health cost. Interestingly environmental benefits of renewable energy not only ends at non-production of carbon dioxide and other global warming emission, but it also dramatically scale back on the amount of toxic air pollution released into the atmosphere by use of fossil fuel.
Over years our dependencies on fossil fuel have increased substantially so-much-so that our minds are unwilling to accept that solar power system (or for that matter any renewable source of energy) is reliable. This has lead to threatening level of our dependencies on fossil fuel which are not only scare but are also vulnerable to political instabilities, wars, high prices and trade disputes.


Benefits of using Solar Power
• It has minimum or no negative impact on our environment or health
• It doesn’t deplete natural resources and even contributes to reducing our dependencies on conventional energy resources.
• It is efficient in meeting the needs of people today and in the future in an efficient, equitable and accessible manner. In fact they are answer to our energy problem to check carbon dioxide emissions and other green house gas emission.
• It replaces energy generation plants that uses conventional resource and thereby brings reduction in emission of other pollutants such as sulfur and nitrogen oxides (a major cause of acid rain).
• Solar resource is geographically dispersed and thereby holds potential to decentralize energy system. This makes it possible to meet energy need at local and regional level. It also doesn’t require large scale infrastructure to support the system and reduces loss from energy transmission.
• Though solar installation may be perceived as a high investment proposition, there is no cost involved to run it. Solar power system can run for as long as 100 years with probability to degrade by half a percent each year. If you spread the cost of solar invest only even to 50 years, you won’t find the cost substantial. Did I mention about the utility cost that you would be saving for next 50 years? In fact you will know that you are not only saving the money by actually making it.
• Last but not the least, it gives an opportunity to not to burden our future generation with unnecessary risk

Green energy also helps in producing more job opportunities
Fossil fuel technologies are highly mechanized and capital intensive. Solar energy industry on the other hand is more labour intensive. This means solar energy industry is producing more job opportunities for each unit of electricity generated compared to fossil fuel. Renewable energy sources have already created thousands of new jobs in United States. For example in the year 2011 more than 100,000 people were employed by Solar energy industry on a part time or full time basis ranging from solar installation to manufacturing to sales. The industry has potential to employ and engage even more employees.

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