Clean Energy for the  Homeowners


It’s exactly like the electric bill you pay now, only less…

With Solar, you’re going to start saving money on electricity right away and as utility costs inflate, you’re savings will increase. The number of homeowners going Solar is continuously growing nationwide everyday. At Skyway Electric and Solar will install your system for free when you sign up for our PPA program. Join the movement today by adding cleaner, more affordable green energy solution to your home.

This is how it works for homeowners like you…
1. We come to your home for a complimentary consultation. A Skyway Representative collects all the info and just like that, the ball is rolling.
2. Skyway puts it all together. We design the system, take care of permits and inspections. Then we schedule an installation date that’s convenient for you.
3. The Skyway crew comes back to professionally install your new, clean energy, solar electrical system.
4. You’re in! Power is turned and you’re instantly saving money and the environment!
5. You don’t have to worry about anything… Skyway will provide continual support, monitoring and maintaining your new system.
6. Congratulations! You’re making a positive difference by utilizing renewable energy! Plus, you’re spending less. Enjoy!
It’s time… Contact us now to get started!