Go Solar and Save with $0 Down

If you are thinking about purchasing a new solar system for your home, the best time is to do it now! Due to the high demand of solar, prices have dropped substantially since the beginning of 2011. With the addition to all the tax credits provided to homeowners from local and state agencies, costs have dropped down dramatically.


There are also multiple financial options available, and it’s becoming more affordable than ever before. Who would’ve thought you can own a system for your home with $0 down!

With technology continuously changing, solar installations and equipment are now more efficient to help maximize your investment in the long run. For instance, Skyway Electric uses the Enphase Micro inverters to get more power from your solar panels, and more power means more savings to you.

Going solar is also a huge step in preserving the environment. Contributing to lowering emissions by going solar, gives you peace of mind. As a the owner of a new solar system, you are doing your part to reduce the carbon footprint and build a brighter future.

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