Why California is a World Leader in Renewables

California has always been the forefront on technology, so it doesn’t come to anyone’s surprise that California is not just leading the way for clean energy within the US, but is also the global leader when it comes to renewables. Here’s how the Golden State is leading the way: 1. Outspoken & Effective Leaders: On […]

What are the benefits when multiple people in a community or neighborhood go solar?

In todays day and age, more and more people are going solar. Solar has become a trend in home improvement, so many homeowners are seeing the benefits. As solar power grows, word of mouth spreads. You trust your neighbors opinion enough to take their advice when they say they’re saving money with solar, and are excited about […]

Green Resolutions: 10 Ways to Be Greener in 2016

As the date on the calendar shifts to 2016, many people are beginning to identify their New Year’s resolutions. They make a list of things they can do to improve their lives, whether it’s creating good habits, personal goals, career decisions, making healthier choices or exercising more often. Part of creating good habits are to […]

2016 – The Year to Go Solar

Traditionally, the New Year is a celebration of a new calendar year. Many cultures celebrate it differently, but in the Western World, many of us celebrate with a list of resolutions for our work, personal and family life. It would also be a good idea to add to that list, ways to become more eco-friendly […]

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Gifts are just the compliment to the different holidays we all celebrate. Whether it’s Hanukkah, Ramadan, Christmas, Kwanzaa or any special occasion around this time, we count the many blessings we are all thankful for. To show our thankfulness to our loved ones, we exchange gifts. One of the biggest gifts we don’t realize we […]

Sustainable Living Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching us, we as consumers are constantly being persuaded by sales and commercials on tv about the latest and greatest gift ideas to give away during the Christmas Season. Society today tends to gravitate towards the big box department stores. But how do we gift to our friends and family who practice a greener […]

Minimal and Sustainable Living

Minimal and Sustainable Living A new trend in sustainable living, is living in a minimalistic way. News and social media posts about repurposing shipping containers, and building tiny homes, are great ways to save money and live off the grid. Although most of us in society cannot live and change our lifestyle to that extreme, […]

Low Tech Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

Our energy consumption is at an all time high during the late Fall and Winter seasons. When it gets chilly, we automatically think to turn on the heater and crank it up to stay cozy and warm. But did you know, if you apply a few low-tech changes in your home, we can just live as […]

A Green and Sustainable Holiday

Holidays are about traditions, family, love and good spirits. So how can you incorporate green living during the holidays? Here are a few tips to spread the good word about sustainable living during the holiday season. Eat Green Instead of joining the masses this holiday, and packing into big box and chain grocery stores, take […]