5 Energy Efficient Ways Homeowners Can Start Saving Money in 2015

If saving money is on your list of New Year’s resolution, you don’t have to look far to spend less. Making small enhancements to your home can save you money and help conserve energy in 2015 and years to come. Here are 5 ways to make your house more energy efficient, so you can keep […]

Solar Permitting Guidebook Offers Local Governments Strategies

A new guidebook outlining ways for California cities and counties to make permit processing and inspections for home rooftop solar electric systems quicker and more uniform is now available from the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE). Increasing solar energy adoption is a key component for many local jurisdictions in achieving goals for energy efficiency, greenhouse […]

2014 Energy Conscious Gift Guide

In the 1950s, the average American home had 1 or 2 electrical outlets per room. This was more than enough to accommodate the limited range of appliances that most homeowners had. Nowadays, standard homes come with 2 to 3 outlets per wall (per room). Total energy consumption has soared over the past several decades as […]

City of Solar!, California Bay Area increasingly favors solar power.

Solar power seems to have found a landmark in California. Bay area cities are ideal for placing solar panels since they receive plenty of sunshine. In fact most of US cities are fortunate to receive good sunshine throughout the summer. With plenty of sunshine, there is no reason why investment in solar energy should not be […]

10 Tips on deciding which Company to go with your solar power install

It is important to do homework before you install solar panels since it involves big investments. There are many factors that need to be looked at such as company, model, your household requirement and any potential returns in the future you are looking at. One of the best ways to get most of the things […]


Facts about solar energy – Solar Cost vs. Utility Cost

Fueled by supportive Federal policies and multiple incentives and rebate from local and state authorities, solar industry has witnessed unprecedented boom in the past few years and their numbers only seems to soar up by each passing day. There is another major factor that is playing critical role in fueling up the solar market (besides […]

Let the Sun provide energy for your home – Go Green

People are increasingly becoming interested in solar powers and there are many obvious reasons for it. For some it can be a means to save money while for many it is the way and the responsibility to protect environment. Solar power system captures free sunlight and converts it into usable power for your home. The […]

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Going Green by Harnessing the Power of Solar Energy

Going Green by Harnessing the Power of Solar Energy. The world faces tremendous pressure of rising energy demand as the developing countries continue to grow and the global economy moves even further up. All this is exerting significant pressure on the use of fossil fuel to meet its energy demands. Presently the world’s 80% energy […]

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How Solar Energy Panels work

How Solar Energy Panels work? Solar Energy Panels, also commonly called as photovoltaic or PV panels captures sunlight and converts it to DC power. That’s the reason why they are commonly seen mounted on roof top or open field, so that they receive uninterrupted sunlight throughout the day.  Solar panel is a collection of solar […]