Bay Area Sunshares Program

The Bay Area has been the forefront in leading the nation in local programs to help cities, local businesses, and residents with options to go green. The Bay Area Sunshares program pools the buying power of the participating cities and employers, to receive bulk discounts for installing new solar systems, and receive discounts on select models of zero-emission vehicles.
The Bay Area SunShares program is being administered by the Business Council On Climate Change, also known as BC3. It is a large network of companies and government agencies, working together to reach Northern California’s climate goals. Started in 2013, the BC3 helped to develop San Francisco’s 2013 Climate Action Strategy. Their approach is to, “identify aspects of San Francisco’s climate strategy that no sector can tackle alone; bring powerful but traditionally isolated institutions together around the same table to develop model solutions (typically via working groups facilitated by partner organizations) and work to scale the best solutions over time.”
This past summer, Nearly forty cities, counties, and major employers, including Autodesk, Berkeley, Brisbane, Burlingame, County of San Mateo, Daly City, Emeryville, Fremont, Genentech, Hayward, Lafayette, Menlo Park, Oakland, Piedmont, Redwood City, San Carlos, San Mateo, UCSF,  Union City, Walnut Creek and Webcor Builders, are conducting outreach to their employees and residents as part of the 2016 Bay Area SunShares program. 2016 has been a good year to go green.
Check out some of the statistics below:
-1,681 – People signed-up to participate in the 2016 SunShares
-1,203  – People signed up to learn about solar discounts
-1,000 – People signed up to learn about Zero-Emissions Vehicle discounts
-325 – People signed up to learn about renewable energy options for renters
-25 – People bought Zero-Emissions Vehicles
-92 – Homes went solar
-450 kWs of solar installed via 2016 Bay Area SunShares
-4.9 MWs solar installed via all Bay Area SunShares program to date
Although the SunShares program has ended for the calendar year, more opportunities to join the program are as easy as looking it up through your city and county homepage here.
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