Skyway Electric and Solar: your dependable partner in the Solar Industry. We’re diligently and ceaselessly positioning our company to offer the cutting edge in technology for Residential and Commercial Installations. Our team is made up of Engineers, Technicians and Industry Professionals with high level expertise dating back to the 1980’s in regions across United States and overseas. With a clear vision of the world’s energy infrastructure, we’re here to supply Homeowners, Home Builders and Commercial Developers alike with comprehensive solutions. We manage every aspect, from finance to the planning, building, installation, support and maintenance, producing lots of energy and satisfied customers.

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Established in 1980, Engr. Pepito Lim used his expertise in engineering to design, contract and manage commercial projects for big corporations like Rolm, IBM and Siemens. In addition to his Dual Master’s Degrees in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, he leveraged his Military background to acquire large-scale government contracts in Guam and the Philippines where his reputable expertise in engineering once again surfaced.

After more than 3 decades, the company’s focus has been modified and averted to Residential and Commercial Electrical and Solar driven by growing demand and community awareness.

Professional People, On Point Project Management and Quality customer service: That is what Skyway Electric and Solar represents.

With high level expertise, fresh ideas and newly found motivation at the helm, Skyway Electric is expanding as a well-respected company in the residential and commercial construction and energy industries delivering dependable and environmentally friendly solutions for our customers.