3 Common Questions Homeowners Ask When Deciding to go Solar

The decision to install solar in your home is a lot easier today, than it was years ago. There are a lot positive factors that make it easy for homeowners to transition in Solar, and a few with some concerns that may delay their decision. 

Here are three of the most common questions homeowners ask themselves before installing a new solar system, and some insight to help overcome them.


“How can I afford paying for a new solar system installation without having to use my family’s savings?”

Installing a solar system in your home is a large investment, and you don’t need to drain your hard earn savings to do it. Whether you are leasing or purchasing, there are financing options available. Skyway Electric and Solar can offer financing for your new system for little to $0 down. With the addition of all the state and local incentives, your monthly costs will be a lot lower than you might think. It’s more affordable now, than ever.

“How can I be guaranteed that the cost for a new solar system is justified by the amount of money I’m spending for it?”

Because of the high interest of solar system installations in homes today, contractors are meeting supply with demand. That in turn works in your favor as a home owner. Costs for installation and equipment has drastically decreased, making solar affordable for everyone. 

The cost of solar installations are calculated into the options provided to you by your finance company. The way to find out the total cost of a solar system is calculated by Price Per Watt. This is determined when your installer calculates the cost of installation equipment to the cost of dollars spent to produce one watt of electricity.

It is helpful to know this information as a homeowner, so you understand what your paying for. In the long run, your investment will pay off over time with the amount of money you’ll be saving once you remove yourself off the grid. In addition, with net-metering, you’ll find that the excess energy produced by your solar system, is credited back to you by the power company.

solar panels

“How do I know if my roof is stable enough to hold a solar system on my roof?”

The materials used in constructing the solar panels weigh about three pounds per square foot. With technology advancement, solar panel designs are built to be stronger, durable and with lighter materials. Your contractor will also help with designing the right type of solar system to install, regardless of what the material your roof is constructed from.

In fact, the first step in deciding to install solar, is to meet with your contractor and schedule a physical inspection of your roof. From there, your contractor will then determine it’s stability and whether a new roof will be necessary prior to installation.

If you have any more questions regarding solar installation for your home, contact one of our helpful representatives and Get a FREE Quote Today!


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